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Godzilla, but Noir

Have you played King of Tokyo but wanted to add a little more serious tone to the experience? Or maybe you've never heard of the game, but you're looking for something dynamic and light on rules to enjoy with your friends and family?

Enter - King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

This limited edition board game takes you to a noir alternative universe Tokyo, with its deliciously dark artwork and unique deluxe components. Enjoy the classic King of Tokyo in a new light.

Quick set up, easy to learn rules, and a handful of fresh new mechanics to spice things up - let the giant monsters clash anew over the gritty cityscape in this Dark Edition.

Does this game sound like your cup of tea? Get your hands on this gem of a game today - call our 145 Swanston street store for the click and collect option or head to Gumnut, our affiliate online store.

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