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Role Playing in the haunted house

If there's one thing I'm sure we can all agree on it's that we've all fantasised about role playing. Maybe you've always wanted to do it with your partner and two, three, or maybe even four extra people; turning the lights down low, putting on some music to get everyone in the mood, investigating private areas in search of something wicked and then playing along until everyone ends up in the right position for you to make your move, that's when things start getting really crazy!

If this sounds like a fun night to you (I think y'all can see where I'm going with this) then you should definitely check out Betrayal at House on the Hill!

Role play as one of up to six characters who enter a haunted house in search for whatever may be hidden inside. Discover a new house every time you play as the rooms turn up in different positions each time. Explore deeper and deeper into the corridors until the haunt is revealed, turning one or more players into werewolves, or infecting them with an alien virus, or maybe letting in their family of cannibals, or any of fifty different scenarios! From that moment it's you or them. Each team is given their own rules on how to survive the horrors of the house!

Oh, and in case I wasn't clear before, I'd definitely personally recommend playing in a dim room with some creepy, immersive music playing. (Sorry if I'm over-explaining, clearly that's the obvious interpretation).

Thinking Betrayal at House on the Hill might sound like the game for you? It’s available now from our online store Gumnut!

Betrayal at House on the Hill: if you think this is hot, wait until you get into REAL role playing, like Dungeons and Dragons!

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