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Disney: Villainous!

Everyone knows the best character in any Disney film is the villain. But who is the worst? And by worst, I mean best? You’ll have to play the board game VILLAINOUS if you want to find out

(I feel like it’s probably Ratigan, right? That guy is truly ~tWiSteD~)

Choose your character from one of the iconic villains included in the box and battle your friends. Each villain comes with it’s own figurine, locations and cards. As you play the game you will be playing helpful items and allies into your own playfield as well as heroes onto you opponent’s side of the board which will hinder them. Each villain has its own playstyle and must strive to fulfill their own unique win condition, while stifling their enemies chances of victory.

As with Unmatched, you can mix and match the characters from any of the sets and let me tell you, the line up for each of these boxes is pretty good. And by good, I mean evil.

Disney Villainous - Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar, Prince John, Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook

Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared - Scar, Yzma & Ratigan

Villainous: Wicked to the Core - Hades, Dr. Facilier, Evil Queen

Villainous: Perfectly Wretched - Pete, Cruella De Vil, Mother Gothel

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power - Hela, Killmonger, Taskmaster, Thanos, Ultron


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