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Just like our social media presence, HEROQUEST is back baby! That’s right, much like the evil sorcerer Zargon, Hasbro have worked their wicked skeleton magic to revive the 1989 classic from the grave. One player takes the role of the game master controlling the enemy creatures and up to four other players control the heroes. Choosing from: Telor the Wizard, Ladril the Elf, Durgin the Dwarf or Rogar the Barbarian, the heroes will trawl through the dungeons killing monsters and looking for treasure!

Hang on, Let me dust off this ancient tome. A long, long time ago. Before Gloomhaven. Before Descent. When Drizzt was just a sparkle in Mr. Salvatore’s eye… in an ancient age, called the 90’s, there was a game called Heroquest. A great game, but sadly it went out of print. Second hand copies soared in price, one copy recently sold for over $800!

But luckily, now in 2022 it has finally been reprinted. It’s an incredibly faithful reproduction, almost exactly the same, with only minor tweaks to the rulebook for clarity. This is the Heroic Tier version, which comes with all 71 of the original miniatures (+ 4 additional), a game board, and a game master's screen. It features more than 90 cards and six custom engraved dice. In store now!


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