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Big restock of UNMATCHED hitting the shelves! This game seems to fly off the shelves whenever it’s in stock so now’s your chance to grab a copy.

In each box of Unmatched is a themed set of characters for you to pit against one another. Each opponent will have it’s own miniature and a deck of cards to fight with, each playing with a completely unique fighting style and rule set. So each battle is totally asymmetrical!

The game is very easy to pick up, anyone can play it. Just grab a character and go. Let’s find out who’d win in a fight between Sherlock Holmes (& Watson!) and The Invisible Man.

Did I mention how gorgeous the art in this game is? Absolutely stunning work from the Mondo Games on this one.

AND the absolute coolest thing about this game is you can mix and match any of the characters and locations from any of the sets! So you can literally have Dracula fight Bigfoot. Just like my spec script.

1v1 me. You can pick any character you like.

Except for Spike from the Buffy The Vampire set. I've called dibs on Spike, for obvious reasons.



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