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FREE Magic: The Gathering event this Friday

Bring your own deck, or use one of our many well-balanced, fun decks carefully pre-assembled by our staff. We have a good range of MTG ready-to-play decks representing some of the most popular colour combinations and showcasing different mechanics and approaches to the game. It’s a perfect opportunity to try out an unfamiliar play-style or simply see how well you’d do without your own trusty deck. Scroll down for more information on what these decks are.

As always PROMOS and PRIZES will be available including accessories, booster packs and promo cards! If enough people register and are interested we will run a tournament with the store decks.

Rock up between 5:30 and 6:00pm to register. We start at 6:00pm sharp.

See you there!

Walk on down!

Here’s what our store decks are packing:

Green Black Sacrifice: grow a garden of tiny saprolings and then turn them into chow for powerful spells to overcome even the toughest of opponents.

Black White Reanimator: Stall the game until you can sneak some massive eldrazi into the graveyard and then bring them unto the battlefield to stomp all over your opponent.

Red Blue Spellweaving: A cunning deck using instants and sorceries to control the battlefield before finishing the game with powerful closers.

Green Red Kicker: Showcasing the kicker mechanic from Dominaria, an excellent beginner deck that gives you lots of powerful options both early and late in the game.

White Green Golem Tribal: build a horde of tough creature tokens that just get bigger and badder the longer the game goes on.

Red Black Turbo Beatdown: Hit hard, hit fast, take no prisoners and turn your opponent’s gains into vulnerabilities.

Green Blue Lands Matter: make your lands do double duty with powerful acceleration and late game beasts that help turn land draws into a beating.

Red White Heroic Voltron: assemble powerful creatures loaded with equipment and auras.

Blue Black Eldrazi Disruption: Overwhelm your opponent with a horde of gribbly monsters while countering their best responses.

Blue White Historic Tempo: use cheap, powerful creatures and tricky spells to close out the game before your opponent can build up their defences.

Spotted a particular deck that appeals to you most? Come in early to make sure it's yours for the night!

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