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Lead your medieval realm to prosperity with our new game of the week – Artificium!

Artificium is a development game, in which players are tasked with establishing industries, building production and refining the crafts of their medieval society. Each player stars with a hand of 5 cards, and 6 cards are dealt onto the table face up and act as a card market. Players may exchange their cards for the ones on the table, then play their hand strategically, carefully planning what goes first and what follows after.

Some cards produce resources or transform one type of resources into another and award victory points, while others let you perform actions. The game lasts 4 turns – at the end of the last turn, the players are given a chance to sell all remaining resources to gain as many last-minute Victory Points as possible. In the end, the player with the most VP’s is declared the wisest of the rulers and is the winner of the game!

For a 10% off an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : CRAFT Complexity: 2/5

Time: 30min+

Players: 2-6

Mechanisms: Card Drafting, Simultaneous Action Selection

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