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Spyfall: Licence to Tomorrow Twice

We sit in a circle. Tensions are high. Suspicious looks fly between us like a tumultuous flock of crows; darker than the depths of our deepest distrusts, but made of suspicion instead of regular crow parts. Someone turns to me: "When do you finish up today?"; a safe question. "I've got my usual shift," I reply, "All going well I'll be off by about five-ish" They squint their eyes for a moment but the game moves on. "Why do you come here?" I am asked a few round later. "You say that like I do it by choice!", I respond with a laugh: casual, but not too casual. Again they seem placated. My third question comes in the form of "Have you had a lucky day?" The internal smile that has slowly been spreading within me as the game unfolds finally creeps its way onto my face. I reply with this newly revealed grin, simultaneously revealing my card with the choreographed precision of a ballet dancer who is also good at playing Spyfall. My card, of course, is the spy. Everyone else's cards, of course, are the casino. This round, of course, is mine. Spyfall is our Game of the Week! For any fans of social deduction games like Werewolf or Avalon, this game is a must! For those who don't think social deduction is all it's cracked up to be, Spyfall is the perfect opportunity to give the genre a second chance! With streamlined, simple mechanics, faster game time and no player elimination, Spyfall offers opportunities for creative sleuthing for three to eight friends for as little as ten minutes or as long as hours and hours!

Overview: When opening a box of Spyfall one will find thirty sets of eight cards. Each set contains copies of the same card showing a location (one set will be the casino, another the supermarket, the airport, the nightclub, the beach etc.), with the exception of one card which will be the spy. A set will be chosen at random and the amount of cards needed will be drawn from the deck (making sure that the spy is one of them). The cards will be shuffled and one each handed out to the players, along with a list of all possible locations. Those who take a cheeky peek and see a card displaying the location are the investigators; their job is to hunt down and expose the spy. The one player whose peek shows them the spy has to figure out what location the other players' cards show before they are discovered. The game begins with one player picking another and asking them a question. That player will then give an answer and then then asks anyone else a question. Here's where things get interesting! The perfect questions and answers will hint that you know the location strongly enough that the others who know the location won't suspect you, but not too strongly or the spy might figure out what the location is! Once a player is confident that their sleuthing skills have led them to their win condition they have two options on how to proceed. If you are the spy you will boldly flip over your card and proudly pronounce the location. If you're an investigator you will call out your accusation which will then go to a vote; if the vote fails you will lose your powers of accusation and if it passes the spy reveals themselves. In both cases if your claim was correct your team wins! If you were wrong however,you lose! Losers need not sulk however! A new set of cards will be drawn from the box and the game begins all over! More recently from Spyfall comes Spyfall DC Comics Edition! Play as the Justice League hunting down the joker; adding in new locations, new characters and special new abilities!

If you think Spyfall sounds like the game for you then please come and grab yourself a copy from Mind Games Melbourne at 244 or 145 Swanston Street! As our Game of the Week anyone who asks for a copy of Spyfall with the secret code "sneaky-sneaks" will get 10% off on an available copy of the original Spyfall! Offer lasts from 09/09/2019 to 15/09/2019 The early spy catches the fall! - Ben

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