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Introduce your friends and family to the joys of table-top role-playing this festive season!

Get your loved ones to partake in your favourite hobby - it's never been easier! 🎁✨

Today, RPG world is at its richest - hundreds of titles with a variety of systems and any setting imaginable, as well as countless accessories to help you bring your unique adventure to life. Starter sets from some of the biggest, most streamlined and popular systems, like Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulhu, could be a great gift and serve as gateway into this wonderful hobby!

Are your friends already well-acquainted with table-top RPGs? Why not get them something to embellish their gaming experience - a fresh title from their favourite system, a new lovely set of dice, a practical spellcard container, or perhaps a miniature to embody one of their favourite characters? There’s so much to choose from!

Come by our CBD stores - 244 & 145 Swanston street - and have a browse!

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